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A Mediterranean inspired salon space in the heart of Sydney. 


Marrakesh Render, Reclaimed Oregan Timber, steel 

We were thrilled for the opportunity to work closely with Fuchs hair co-owner Alexander Fuchs, on their new salon space in Waterloo, Sydney. We wanted the new salon to be bright, warm, inviting and relaxing and so we looked at Mediterranean spas and wellness spaces as our inspiration. From that we decided on the arched mirrors very quickly as a main feature and started designing the rest of the space around that idea.The salon utilises soft, round edges to give it an inviting energy, with timber panels sourced from an old house in Queensland creating aesthetic contrast. This feature is used to screen the basin area and punctuate the windows on the main road for an eye-catching element, as well as building the retail shelves and kitchen shelves. The space structure only adds to this inviting atmosphere. The 3.6m timber parquetry communal table was custom made for the salon to offer an inviting area for clients to relax in. 

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